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NutraCanna products are made with full spectrum phytoCannabiniods with ZERO THC or psychoactive ingredients. A new Path to Wellness!

All Natural, Organically Grown

Organic, non-GMO, Vegan, Lab Tested For Quality Assurance, Free of Contaminants.


Our CBD is extracted from US-grown hemp cultivated under USDA farming practices utilizing proprietary technology to ensure the highest in PURITY & EFFICACY.


CGMP Certified

Industry leading, CGMP-certified extraction and production facilities, to provide you with a consistent, superior quality product. Third party lab testing ensuring purity and potency.


All Natural Ingredients

NutraCanna™ is a proprietary line of organic, all natural, full spectrum hemp products. Manufactured with the purest and highest quality Non-GMO, and Cruelty Free ingredients.



Our products are made with 99%+ pure CBD isolate. All natural, ZERO-THC phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp extracts and oils void of any psychoactive ingredients.

We take great pride in the process of producing the purest full spectrum hemp-derived CBD products. Harvested from the fertile soils of Kentucky USA

Our Difference


I've been reading so many articles regarding the amazing health benefits of CBD.. The fact that it's ALL NATURAL as well 💚 Love it! Sorry Big Pharma!

Sarah Greenwall, KY

Not all CBD is equal, Do your research on the extraction process. NutraCanna has taken all the right steps in making sure their product is PURE. 👍👍

William Bunkner, VA

I was one of the first offline customers to try these new dissolable tablets. Amazing! Can't wait until these hit the market. ☀️AM🌙PM idea, FANTASTIC!

Joanna Fredrick, NY


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