All Health, No High: The NutraCanna Way

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All Health, No High: The NutraCanna Way

Cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis have been getting a lot of media attention these days. This is thanks to the mountain of scientific and anecdotal evidence pointing to CBD’s effect on the human body. With this rapid growth in awareness, many companies have popped up to take advantage of what appears to be a great business opportunity. But if so many people and companies are throwing products into the world, what makes NutraCanna any different?

Does CBD get you high?

Unfortunately, there is often a stigma attached to CBD because of its connection to cannabis. When people hear the word cannabis, they automatically think of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the component of cannabis that makes users feel high. Because of this connection, many wonder how does CBD make you feel?

CBD is non-psychotropic, and hemp-derived CBD products, legally, must contain less than 0.3% THC by weight. This means hemp-derived CBD products WON’T make you feel high.

CBD taken from the marijuana plant can still contain a varying amount of THC, making psychotropic effects possible.

The Answer’s in the Slogan: All Health, No High

NutraCanna provides CBD the way it’s found in nature. We work with family-owned and operated hemp farms in Kentucky that use sustainable methods, allowing us to develop the purest CBD products conceivable.

To get pure CBD products with no detectable THC, NutraCanna uses a chemical-free carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction process. This process uses CO2, pressurized to its supercritical range, to extract only CBD - and no other compounds - from the hemp plant.

Since CO2 extraction is absent of harsh chemicals, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and highly efficient. This process is expensive and time-consuming, so many CBD companies use easier methods like butane or pentane extraction. We only use the best materials and methods to produce CBD that’s All Health, No High.

Quality Assurance is a Priority

Quality assurance is an area in which NutraCanna prides itself as a company. All products are tested by a third party lab in the following areas:

  •      Cannabinoid Profile
  •      Terpene Profile
  •      Pesticides
  •      Residual Solvents
  •      Microbiological Screening

If you’re a health conscious individual, then you always want to know what’s inside the products that you put inside your body. Where are they from? How are they made? Are their ingredients healthy and natural? NutraCanna fully discloses its process, allowing customers to be confident that they are receiving the highest quality and most natural products available.

NutraCanna offers a 30-day money back guarantee that makes the decision to choose NutraCanna products even easier. With a guarantee like that, you should head on over to our collection of products and place your order today!  #allhealthnohigh

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