CBD Cream For Back Pain: Does It Work?

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CBD Cream For Back Pain: Does It Work?

Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Studies suggest 8 out of 10 people will experience some back pain at some point in their lives with many of these cases related to sciatic nerve pain, otherwise known as sciatica. While there are many treatments aimed at reducing back pain, one natural remedy has been gaining popularity as an all-natural solution to these conditions: hemp-derived cannabidiol, or CBD.

Why Choose CBD for Sciatica and Other Forms of Back Pain?

Cannabidiol (CBD) contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that make it an effective solution for physical pain such as that caused by sciatica. Even though it is derived from hemp, CBD contains none of the mind-altering properties usually associated with the plant, meaning CBD is purely medicinal.

In the last decade, thousands suffering from sciatica have turned to CBD products to effectively treat their pain in an all natural way. Thanks to personal success stories from these CBD users and the recent legalization of hemp, interest in CBD for back pain is at an all-time high especially when it comes to CBD creams and CBD oil for sciatica.

CBD Cream for Sciatica and Back Pain

One of the most popular forms of CBD for sciatica is topical solutions like creams and salves. CBD creams are an excellent option for minor aches and localized back pain as they are applied to the affected area and absorbed directly through the skin. Some CBD creams can be particularly useful as treatments for pain due to their being formulated with other pain-relieving ingredients like menthol.

CBD Oil for Sciatica and Back Pain

The most common forms of CBD for back pain include sublingual products like oils and tinctures. Sublingual oils are applied under the tongue and absorbed almost immediately into the bloodstream providing faster relief than other products. Another important factor making sublingual CBD oil the preferred method among users is that they are available in different dosages making it easier for you to choose the ideal potency for your specific needs. Additionally, most CBD oils come in pocket-sized bottles, so you can have easy access to relief wherever you go.

Where to Buy CBD?

Thanks to the recent passage of The 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD is now legally available nationwide. Products like CBD oils and CBD creams can be purchased in stores and online. If you are considering CBD for back pain, visit our collection of high-quality CBD products which includes edibles, tablets, and even samples, in addition to our oils and creams.

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