CBD Oil and High Blood Pressure: Here's What You Should Know

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CBD Oil and High Blood Pressure: Here's What You Should Know

When it comes to a potential treatment for high blood pressure, not many people would think of marijuana, let alone one of its chemical components, CBD. However, new studies have shown the potential of CBD oil in treating high blood pressure.

With the increased popularity of CBD, many people are wondering if CBD is an option to help lower blood pressure. High blood pressure, which often goes undetected, can put significant stress on the body and is a problem that plagues many.

These are some common questions you may have regarding CBD oil and whether it is a good option for you.

What is CBD?

When it comes to cannabis or marijuana, most people associate it with getting “high.” However, cannabis contains as many as 104 different chemicals, all of which can do different things. THC, one of the chemicals found in cannabis, is what causes people to have that high sensation. CBD, or Cannabidiol, does not contain THC, and thus cannot get you high.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

Before asking, “Does CBD oil lower blood pressure?”, a better place to start with is with what is causing the high blood pressure in the first place.

There can be a slew of reasons that you have high blood pressure. Sometimes, there is not one identifiable reason for high blood pressure, but many. It can be as simple as your diet or as complex as your genetic makeup.

High blood pressure can be a result of your age, stress level, weight, the specific medication you take, or family history. It can be one or a combination of all of these. Diets high in salt and fat can cause high blood pressure, as can being overweight or obese.

High blood pressure can go symptomless for some time, but it will ultimately start to put more stress on your heart and arteries. It can often be a symptom of another disease. Birth defects, thyroid and gland problems can all lead to increased blood pressure.

Identifying the main root of the problem is the first step to finding the solution. It is always advisable to consult your doctor for guidance in any making any changes to your lifestyle.

Does CBD Oil Lower Blood Pressure?

In recent years, there have been multiple studies into the effects of CBD on heart rate and blood pressure. According to a study by JCI Insight, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, there has been evidence that a 600mm dose of CBD oil can lower a person’s resting heart rate and their blood pressure when exposed to stress.

The study stated there was no adverse effect to those given CBD; and while more research is needed, signs point to the effectiveness of CBD oil for high blood pressure.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD is so effective because of how it interacts with our inner endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is made of cannabinoids and the receptors in our body that respond to them. Cannabinoids are a group of chemicals, some of which we produce ourselves. It is named after the cannabis plant where the first cannabinoid chemical was found.

The endocannabinoid system works to regulate our body and keep it balanced. It lets the body know if it is hungry, tired, hot or cold, and a number of other possible conditions. It then takes steps to try to balance the body out. It’s believed that CBD oil can be used to interact with and adjust the body’s internal conditions to improve many conditions.

What's the Best CBD Oil for High Blood Pressure?

When it comes to the best CBD oil for high blood pressure, think of CBD as you would any food or supplement you are putting into your body. What goes into your body will reflect on your health, so the highest quality product is always the best option.

Go with a trusted company. They will ensure the CBD oil you consume will be well filtered to give you the fullest benefit. There are a number of different kinds of CBD products with varying strengths as well, so look into what your vendor is selling.

Like with food, it can never hurt to go organic or ensure your CBD oil is as free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and artificial coloring as it can be.

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