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How Does CBD Affect the Skin?

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It’s not uncommon knowledge that an inordinate amount of people all over the globe suffer from skin conditions. This can range anywhere from acne to psoriasis to age spots and everywhere in between. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a product that actually works. One thing that some people don’t think about is Cannabidiol (CBD) as a topical or ingestible skin treatment. This is one of those times where thinking outside of the box is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

So what is it exactly that makes CBD so good for the skin? The compound taken from the hemp plant is a dominant antioxidant and contains high anti-inflammatory properties. The antioxidants come from high levels of vitamin C and E—essentially helping avoid the crow’s feet stage of aging for a while longer. These vitamins also help protect your skin from the sun, so keep that in mind for your summer beach trip!

Omega-3 fatty acid assists with regenerating the outer layer of skin that acts as a protectant. It is common for those who have dry skin or acne to be lacking a sufficient amount of fatty acids. CBD infused skin care products or oils are great options for people who don’t like taking supplement pills. A great thing about the antioxidant and fatty acid benefits is that they can also be gained by using CBD oil as well due to it’s fast delivery into the system when used under the tongue.

It’s one of CBD’s best-known facts that it can be a powerful resource for pain and inflammation relief. Typically, when people think of pain relief via CBD, it’s through oils or edibles. However, applying topically as opposed to ingesting it, can be just as effective when targeting specific areas. This ability comes from the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp infused skin care products. Introducing CBD into one’s skin care routine can help to reduce redness and irritation of the skin.

Some people tend to be a little skeptical about CBD having actual medical properties despite how much positive press it has gotten recently. Not to mention several research studies that have been done to show that CBD has amazing benefits for a wide variety of ailments. A study was conducted in 2006 that was in search of whether CBD has any effect on Pruritus (chronic itchy skin). There were 22 participants in the study and at the conclusion, 14 of them showed positive effects from the CBD.

To break that down, whether you choose to utilize CBD through oils or by topically applying it, you will gain benefits for your skin. Choosing to put CBD into your routine is a natural way to enhance your health. If you’ve had success with CBD being in your everyday routine, drop a comment below and share your story!

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