Behind the Hype: The Popularity of CBD Explained

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Behind the Hype: The Popularity of CBD Explained

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is an organic compound found in the hemp plant and is a variety of cannabis. CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can fight symptoms related to a number of conditions. Unlike other compounds in cannabis, CBD is not psychotropic meaning it does not produce any of the mind-altering effects people usually associate with marijuana which is an entirely different variety of cannabis.

The Endocannabinoid System

When CBD enters the body, it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a complex network of receptors that is responsible for regulating cell activity in the nervous and immune systems. By helping the ECS ensure cells are operating normally, CBD helps keep our bodies in balance, contributing to our overall health and wellbeing.

Why CBD is Becoming So Popular

Even though CBD had been popular in holistic communities for decades, knowledge and overall awareness about its benefits and uses was largely non-existent among the general public until a few years ago. Nowadays, CBD products are found in millions of homes across the nation, and medical professionals are recommending it to their patients. So why the sudden change?


In 1970, President Richard Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) as part of his “War on Drugs.” The CSA criminalized all forms of cannabis, including hemp, effectively killing off the hemp and CBD industries.

In the decades following the CSA, numerous studies were conducted to research the potential benefits of hemp and hemp-derived products like CBD. The results from these studies and personal anecdotes suggested hemp and CBD could help millions due to their industrial and medicinal uses, respectively. This wave of positive evidence and support eventually led to the legalization of industrial hemp and hemp-derived products in 2014 with states given the power to regulate specific cultivation methods.

CBD Oil Benefits

As the hemp industry began to grow so did the production of CBD products that use extracts obtained from legal industrial hemp. People began to discover how CBD could help them with symptoms related to a wide range of health conditions and ailments. Millions started to report improvements in their chronic pain and sleep problems while others realized CBD alleviated symptoms of diseases like diabetes, depression, and epilepsy.

Easier Access to Information

As more people found in CBD an answer to their problems, they began to share their stories on the internet. Personal accounts on social media, television, blogs, articles, and Youtube videos have contributed to the growth of CBD in the last years. Most importantly, more studies were conducted to research the full potential of CBD, and the results only gave people more hope.

Choosing the Right CBD Brand

Due to its increased acceptance and popularity, CBD is now one of the fastest growing industries in the country. As a result, dozens of CBD brands have begun to pop out of nowhere promising pure extracts and miracle results. Unfortunately, many of these companies are just looking to capitalize on this growing industry and make a quick buck. So, what should you look for when searching for a legitimate CBD oil manufacturer?

  • All-Natural Ingredients: Look for organic, all-natural, broad-spectrum hemp products. High-quality CBD products should be manufactured with pure, non-GMO, and cruelty-free ingredients.
  • Third-Party Lab Tests: Third-party lab testing ensures purity and potency. Find a brand that uses top of the line extraction and production facilities and methods to provide you with a consistent, superior quality product.
  • No THC: The best CBD products are made with 99%+ extracts containing no THC. This guarantees that the CBD you are consuming is purely medicinal.

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